How Are We to “Do” Church?

Here are the questions I posed this Sunday to ponder for the rest of the week.

Here are the questions I asked everyone to consider the rest of this week.

Are we moving or simply meeting?

Are we making a measurable difference in our community or simply conducting weekly services?

Are we organized around a mission or are we organized around an antiquated ministry model inherited from a previous generation?

Are we allocating resources as if Jesus is the hope of the world or are the squeaky wheels of church culture driving our budgeting decisions?

Are we ekklesia or have we settled for kirche?

Welcome Back

Today during worship we talked about the need to remember that as much as church is for those of us who have been fortunate to have learned about and receive God’s gift of grace, that church is really about those who don’t come; those who are unchurched or nonbelievers. Much like the prodigal son who returns home to find his father rejoicing over his return and loving him unconditionally, as members of Christ’s Church, we too must recognize that those who are lost and return are just as important as those who have been around a very long time. The church is a place for broken souls and sinners. Some of us have been around longer than others but the truth is that all of us are God’s children and there is great rejoicing every time another person finds their way back to God.
Consider what role you play in helping others find their way back to Christ’s Church. What can you do? How can you help?