God Never Gives Up

When I was a kid, my grandfather would take me downtown to get something to drink. We would go over to the tire store and sit and “chew fat” as my grandfather put it with his friends.  After I was much older, I enjoyed going back to visit and we would still go visit my grandfather’s friends.  One of the men was a quiet man who had lost his wife a few years ago.  Grandad told me his friend no longer went to church because it reminded him of his wife’s death.  Having lost my own father at a very young age, I understood how he felt.

I asked this man why he didn’t want to go back to Church.  He said it reminded him of his wife’s death and figured that God had just given up on him.  He said he had done some things he was not proud of and just figured that God had moved on.  I was sad for him.  I told him God doesn’t give up on anyone…ever.  God sacrificed his own son Jesus for each and every one of us.  By Jesus’ sacrifice, we have all been redeemed and God never gives up on us…ever.  God wants every…single…person… back! I was pleased when my grandfather called a month later to tell me his friend started going to church with him.  The man stayed active until he went home to the Lord. Hallelujah!  Loss is always difficult but it should not be a reason to pull away from God.  I pray that if you are lost or struggling, know that God wants you back.

Author: gsmith

Current pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Broken Bow, Nebraska